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Toilet Art


I don't know if we are the only ones, but our outhouse on the countryside is wallpapered with art prints and pretty pictures from different wall calendars.

A guest started referring to the outhouse as the "Art Gallery", and that name got stuck. "Wait for me! I'm just going to visit the Art Gallery first!" I've continued to hang art in the toilet. At the moment we have Mona Lisa in the guest toilet. Haute Couture of art... She's accompanied by a vintage commercial for bananas and a funny quote from a four-year-old. This is where people have time to sit and watch, what else are they supposed to do? Count the stripes on the wallpaper? (Unless you have a pile of books, of course).

So the toilet for me is an honorable place for art. How happy and honored I would be if my art had the chance to hang there in people's homes! Do you have art in your toilet? If not, do you have space for it? Which motif from Studio Almqvist's collection would be suitable there in your home? Write in the comments what you have on your wall in your loo! What motif would you like to have? Do you already have an art piece from Studio Almqvist there? Send me a picture and get the chance to win three bookmarks for your toilet books or other reading or give away as a gift!

Frida Almqvist

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